Power Hower: The World's Most Advanced Power Hour Timer

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If you're in college, you've probably heard of or even played Power Hour. If you're one of the many who have played it before, you're probably used to the perils of Power Hour, the difficulty in keeping track of time-- when to take your drinks, how many drinks to take, etc. With Power Hower, all these things are just a bad memory.

Power Hower is a free website to help play Power Hour. Every minute, Power Hower alerts you to take your next drink with our signature Power Hour sound. Power Hour also keeps track of how many drinks you've taken and lets you know when you're done. It's all pretty self explanatory, but if you still need some help, read on!


Playing Power Hour is simple, especially with the help of Power Hower. You will need the following things.

  • A few willing participants: Power Hour is best in large groups; get as many people as you can!
  • Lots of beer: Expect each person to drink between 5-8 beers!
  • Shot-glasses: Each person will need their own shot glass.
  • A computer with a browser window opened to PowerHower.com! (optional, but since you're already here...)

The entire Power Hower interface is contained at the top of this page. You'll notice three main features fairly obviously:

  • Power Howard's Mouth: The big orange monster (aptly named Power Howard) is the master of Power Hower. In his mouth is a running count of how many drinks you have already taken.
  • Power Howard's Word Bubble: His word bubble lets you know how much time remains until your next drink, in seconds.
  • Control Panel: The control panel lets you control everything in Power Hower. You can Start the game by clicking 'Start'. If you need a break you can hit 'Stop' and if you want to start over you can hit 'Reset'. Also, there is a text-box to change the duration of the game.

Now you're ready. Just hit start and let the games begin. Let each person in the group fill up their shot-glass with beer and wait for the alert. When you hear the drink sound (listen), drink you shot and refill. Repeat this process until the game ends and you hear the applause sound (listen)!

For an added challenge, try setting the timer to stop at 100 minutes for a round of Century Club!

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Sound effects courtesy of Hanzel Spiff.

Stop at: minutes.